Earn Up to 11% Rewards on Your Crypto

Upload your money to the internet and watch it grow.

Rewards Rates:

Earn 3.5%

Earn 4.2%

Earn 1.5%

$1 Minimum

$1 Minimum

$1 Minimum

Earn 11%

Earn 1.4%

Earn 11%

$0.10 Minimum

$1 Minimum

$1 Minimum

Trusted by 75+ Million Crypto Wallets Worldwide

With Over $1T+ Transactions Since 2012

When can I withdraw my crypto?

You can withdraw from your Rewards Accounts after 7 business days.

How often do I get paid?

Your rewards accrue daily and are paid out monthly. Your earnings will be paid directly into your Rewards Accounts.

How do I get access to this feature?

Gold Level is required to transfer to a Rewards Account. To upgrade, in most cases we only require a government issued ID or passport.

Can anyone earn rewards?

No. Due to local laws, Blockchain.com cannot offer Rewards products to users in Japan or Canada. Also, some US states do not allow crypto transactions. To check your eligibility, click here.

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